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Embracing the Winter Majesty: Overcoming Challenges on Ben Nevis

Not a typical summer blog this time of year... well this unforgettable story defies the seasons.

In the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the formidable Ben Nevis stands as a testament to nature's raw power and beauty. For a group of intrepid hikers from HBUK, including myself, the lure of conquering this majestic peak in winter was irresistible. Packed with excitement, determination, and a hint of trepidation, we embarked on an unforgettable journey up Ben Nevis, braving the biting cold and unpredictable weather conditions. Join us as we recount our thrilling winter climb up to the summit of Scotland's highest mountain.

Day 1: A Gathering of Adventurers

As the festive cheer lingered in the air, our team assembled in Fort William, a picturesque town nestled at the base of Ben Nevis. Some had travelled from different parts of the UK, while I was fortunate to be celebrating Christmas in the nearby town of Oban. With our camping and climbing gear meticulously packed, we set up camp near the Ben Nevis visitor centre, our eager hearts pulsating with anticipation. Clad in layers of insulating layers, breathables, complete with Gore-Tex outerwear and sturdy boots, we were prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

Day 2: The Ascent Begins

With the first light of dawn, our team rendezvoused at the campsite. Excitement and nervous energy filled the air as we prepared for the climb. The weather forecast promised a potential window of opportunity if we could reach the summit before noon. Setting off, we steadily ascended, taking in the breathtaking winter landscape that unfolded around us. The mid-way point, marked by a waterfall, provided us with a much-needed respite. The weather remained relatively calm, and our spirits soared as we inched closer to our goal.

Battling the Elements

However, as the day progressed, nature revealed its capricious side. Some of our fellow hikers made the prudent decision to turn back, recognising the increasing severity of the conditions.

Garmin Terrain Analysis

Aware of the risks, we pressed on, determined to reach the summit. With only 187 metres left to climb, we faced a sudden turn of events. The final mile, seemingly endless, tested our resilience to the core. Deep snow, a sudden snowstorm, and fierce gusts transformed the landscape into a white abyss. It was a very quick change! But armed with Garmin's Multi-Band Sat Communicator Navigation system, we relied on its steadfast guidance to navigate through the relentless storm.

Time for crampons

Triumph and a Race Against Time

Noon arrived, and with visibility rapidly deteriorating, we pushed ourselves to the limit, driven by adrenaline and a steely resolve. At last, we conquered the summit of Ben Nevis, a triumphant moment amidst the tempest. Yet, the storm continued to close in, reminding us of the need to descend swiftly. Retreating from the summit, we battled heavy snow drifts and powerful gusts, inching our way down the treacherous terrain. Every step felt like a monumental challenge in deep snow, but we persevered. Following an arduous nine-hour test, a seemingly never-ending descent spanning what felt like a hundred miles eventually led us back to base. It was an adventure etched in our memories, a cocktail of fear, adrenaline, and immense pride.

Ben Nevis Summit 28/12/2022


Our winter climb up Ben Nevis was an unforgettable test of courage, strength, and resilience. We witnessed nature's unforgiving power, yet we embraced the adventure with unwavering determination. Standing atop UK's highest peak in the midst of a fierce winter storm was both humbling and awe-inspiring. We learned valuable lessons about preparedness, self-awareness, and the unpredictable nature of mountaineering! This experience will forever be etched in our minds, serving as a vivid reminder of the power of nature and the resilience of the human spirit. It was a journey that pushed us to our limits, testing our physical and mental strength. Our triumphant summit of Ben Nevis in the face of adversity stands as a testament to our unwavering determination and passion for the great outdoors.


Captured videos of our journey, striving to leave the engulfing storm behind us as quickly as possible...

Thank you. It has been an absolute pleasure to share our treasured memories with you. Until our paths cross again, farewell for now, and may your own adventures be filled with joy and wonder. Goodbye!

Arda Deniz Tugrul

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